The Jitterbug Social 2018
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
Ahmed A.    
Ahmed A.    
Susan A.   DWP Dance Team
Bill B.   DWP Dance Team
John B.    
Nikki B.   The Belle Method
Audrey B.   Audrey & Sarah
Rosemary C.    
Annie D.   Danceology
DUET D.   DUET Dance Company
Robert D.    
Steve D.   Dancing Dempsey's
Maya D.   Dancing Dempsey's
Audrey D.   Dancing Dempsey's
David D.    
Joseph D.
General D.    
Sandra D.    
Oliver E.   Oliver's dance team
Betty E.   The Jitters
Fran E.    
Cynthia F.   Sweet Charity
Audrey F.    
Maya F.   Danceology
Elizabeth G.    
L'Oreal G.    
Raylene G.   Raylene's Family & Friends
Nassie G.   Raylene's Family & Friends
Linda G.   Raylene's Family & Friends
Rachel G.    
Priti G.   Tachy Toe Tappers
Yolande G.    
Hatsune H.    
Glenn H.   DWP Dance Team
David H.    
Riana I.   Randolph Students/Grads
Lorraine K.    
Tiffany K.   DWP Dance Team
Kathleen L.   DWP Dance Team
Norman L.    
Lynne L.    
Erica M.   Danceology
Paul M.    
Tess M.    
Destiny M.    
Patricia M.   McPhails Move
Robin M.   Dancing Dempsey's
Amirah M.   Tachy Toe Tappers
Michael O.    
Elvis P.    
Tara R.   Tachy Toe Tappers
Sarah R.   DWP Dance Team
Sarah R.    
Cheryl R.    
Georgia R.   Danceology
Georgia R.   Danceology
Alice-Betty R.    
Megan S.   Raylene's Family & Friends
Melissa-Jane S.   FITPOP dance fitness
Susan S.    
Ronald S.   DWP Dance Team
Iryna S.    
Pat S.    
Lily S.   Danceology
Emily S.   Tachy Toe Tappers
Meron T.    
Logan V.    
Angelina V.    
Emily W.    
Cyndy W.   DWP Dance Team
Ronald Y.    
Jeremy Z.   Tachy Toe Tappers
"You can easily judge the character of others by how they treat those who can do nothing for them or to them."
— Malcolm Forbes
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