The Jitterbug Social 2018
First Last Organization Sbup Team Name
General D.    
Elvis P.    
DUET D.   DUET Dance Company
Yolande G.    
Elizabeth G.    
Tess M.    
Nikki B.   The Belle Method
Logan V.    
Rachel G.    
Cheryl R.    
David H.    
Oliver E.   Oliver's dance team
David D.    
Maya F.   Danceology
Paul M.    
Cynthia F.   Sweet Charity
Lily S.   Danceology
Robert D.    
Riana I.   Randolph Students/Grads
Susan S.    
Pat S.    
Norman L.    
Ronald Y.    
Sandra D.    
Iryna S.    
Sarah R.    
Melissa-Jane S.   FITPOP dance fitness
Raylene G.   Raylene's Family & Friends
Nassie G.   Raylene's Family & Friends
Linda G.   Raylene's Family & Friends
Lorraine K.    
Emily W.    
Annie D.   Danceology
Georgia R.   Danceology
Georgia R.   Danceology
Audrey F.    
Rosemary C.    
L'Oreal G.    
Destiny M.    
Angelina V.    
Sarah R.   DWP Dance Team
Susan A.   DWP Dance Team
Tiffany K.   DWP Dance Team
Kathleen L.   DWP Dance Team
John B.    
Erica M.   Danceology
Cyndy W.   DWP Dance Team
Meron T.    
Priti G.   Tachy Toe Tappers
Jeremy Z.   Tachy Toe Tappers
Emily S.   Tachy Toe Tappers
Patricia M.   McPhails Move
Amirah M.   Tachy Toe Tappers
Fran E.    
Ronald S.   DWP Dance Team
Glenn H.   DWP Dance Team
Tara R.   Tachy Toe Tappers
Joseph D.
Robin M.   Dancing Dempsey's
Steve D.   Dancing Dempsey's
Maya D.   Dancing Dempsey's
Audrey D.   Dancing Dempsey's
Alice-Betty R.    
Betty E.   The Jitters
Bill B.   DWP Dance Team
Lynne L.    
Hatsune H.    
Ahmed A.    
Ahmed A.    
Michael O.    
Audrey B.   Audrey & Sarah
Megan S.   Raylene's Family & Friends
"Thousands of candles can be lit from a single candle, and the life of the candle will not be shortened. Happiness never decreases by being shared."
— Buddha
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