The Jitterbug Social 2018
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Each week Dancing with Parkinson's provides 13 dance classes throughout the Greater Toronto Area for people who are living with Parkinson's Disease.  The specially designed dance  classes help the dancers stay engaged in community while celebrating the joy of movement. With your support DWP will be able to continue offering this necessary resource and increase accessibility. I will be dancing in DWP's 10TH annual fundraiser and would be grateful if you would  help me raise money for DWP by sponsoring me. 
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  • suvendrini (about 7 months ago)

    Better late than never : )

  • Elizabeth (about 8 months ago)

    Way to go Lorraine!

  • Tamara (about 8 months ago)

    I'm glad you're still dancing Lorraine!

  • Walter & Purita (about 8 months ago)

    We love you Lorraine & Suneil xo

  • Tara (about 8 months ago)

    Looks like a wonderful event!

  • Connie (about 8 months ago)

    Thanks for championing the cause Lorraine!

  • Barbara (about 8 months ago)

    Hope you have a great time!

  • Taline (about 8 months ago)

    Hope it's a great day!!

  • Suneil (about 8 months ago)


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What: The Jitterbug Social 2018
Note: It's our 10th Anniversary!
When: Saturday February 24, 2018 at 12:00 PM

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