The Jitterbug Social
First Last Sbup Organization Team Name
Nancy A.   Kee Family Dancers
Yolande A.    
Violet B.    
Bill B.    
Emily B.   Randolph Dancers
Ma├»na B.   Randolph Dancers
John B.   Dancing Johnny Team
Jackie B.   Dancing Johnny Team
Audrey B.    
Ethan C.   Randolph Dancers
Paul C.    
Arlene C.    
Arlene C.    
Monet C.   Randolph Dancers
Chloe D.    
Maya D.   Dancing Dempsey's
Steve D.   Dancing Dempsey's
Audrey D.   Dancing Dempsey's
Joe D.   JoeLAB
General Donation    
Oliver E.    
Fran E.    
Fran E.    
Eden F.    
Cynthia F.   Swing Swing Swing
Anshuman G.    
Julia G.    
griffin g.   shawgray
Lisa G.   The Funkywunks
Glenn H.    
Riana I.   Randolph Dancers
Lee J.    
Patti K.   Patti & Rosey
Lorraine K.    
Amie & Sara K.    
Amie K.   Kee Family Dancers
Sara K.   Kee Family Dancers
Nancy K.   Kee Family Dancers
Laura K.    
Bo L.    
Norm L.    
Lainie & Mattan M.   Magidsohns
Zahara M.   Randolph Dancers
Amanda M.   Randolph Dancers
Kyra M.   Randolph Dancers
Sean M.    
Tess M.    
Larry & Patricia M.   Dancing Dempsey's
Robin M.   Dancing Dempsey's
Sarah M.    
Kasia R.    
Sarah R.    
sebastian s.   shawgray
Susan S.    
Susan S.    
Florence S.    
Lizzie S.   Randolph Dancers
Maggie T.   Randolph Dancers
Logan V.    
Samantha V.   Randolph Dancers
Bill W.    
Cassie W.   Randolph Dancers
Chase W.   Randolph Dancers
"I do not know what your destiny will be, but the one thing I know: the only ones among you who will really be happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve."
— Albert Schweitzer
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